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Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition

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We are excited to introduce Fair Share Tuition to the Tri-Cities Prep community.  In 2017 the Board of Directors met to create a fair and equitable system for our families who are unable to meet full tuition.

The basic concepts of Fair Share Tuition are as follows:

  • Full cost tuition is based on the operating budget divided by number of students.
  • Reduced tuition is 15% of a family’s usable income as calculated by the Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition Worksheet. Additional students within a family are calculated at 7.5%, 3.75%, etc.
  • The Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition Worksheet will be posted on the website, accessible to all who are interested.
  • The worksheet has been simplified. It asks for 1040 income + non-taxable income, family size, and partner school tuition.
  • The worksheet will calculate the family’s tuition which includes student life and registration fees, and monthly payments.

Tuition at Tri-Cities Prep is separated into 3 sections:

Section 1:  Full pay at $9,330.00 (2018-2019).  This includes student life and registration fees.  Additional documentation is not required.

Section 2:  New Families entering Tri-Cities Prep paying reduced tuition will fill out the Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition Worksheet on the website.  Families will submit the worksheet printout and their current year Tax Return(s).  Returning families will see a 2.2% increase to their tuition for the 2018-2019 school year.  The 2.2% increase follows the escalation by inflation.

Each year the rate of inflation, as indicated by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), will be applied to all three sections in determining ‘full cost tuition’ for each section.

In the coming years, tuition increases will follow this formula, however it should be noted that the Board of Directors may need to increase that percentage due to unforeseen circumstances.

Section 3:  A family whose usable income is calculated to be negative (-AGI $35,000) will be referred to Brigid Lee by the worksheet.  A workable contract with a fair tuition and participation plan will be determined by the Tuition Subcommittee.

In keeping with our commitment to the vision of St. Ignatius, Tri-Cities Prep charges a tuition less than the true cost of education and provides financial assistance to those qualified students in need.

No academically qualified student has ever been declined admission to Tri-Cities Prep due to an inability to pay full tuition. Let us work with you to determine how Tri-Cities Prep can be a financial reality for your family.

Fair Share Tuition will also include a participation plan for ALL families who attend Tri-Cities Prep.  Participation builds community and community builds a stronger school.  With that in mind, for the 2018-2019 school year, we are asking all families to commit to participating in at least 5 activities that help our school run smoothly.  For more information regarding our participation plan, please access the tab marked: Tri-Cities Prep Participation Plan.  If you have another way that you would like to volunteer your time that is not listed, simply contact Lisa Jacobs at ljacobs@tcprep.org.

If you have any questions regarding the Participation Plan, or our Fair Share Tuition plan, please call Lisa Jacobs at 546.2465.

All families who are unable to pay the full cost of tuition for  Tri-Cities Prep are required to apply to one of the following foundation’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP):

  • Central Washington Catholic Foundation
  • Nazareth Guild

Please click on the attached document for more information.  We are waiting for the 2018 application, however this will provide information regarding the process:

Tuition Assistance Programs (TAP)

If you have any questions regarding the TAP application process, please contact Lisa Jacobs at 546-2465 or by email at ljacobs@tcprep.org.