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Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition Worksheet

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Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition Worksheet

The Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition Worksheet calculates your registration and student life fees, along with your student(s) tuition for the 2018/2019 school year.

Tuition is calculated to be paid in 10 equal monthly payments from September 2018 through June 2019.  However, you may elect to pay the full balance of tuition and fees in 12 equal monthly payments with ACH.  All families electing to pay monthly installments are required to complete the ACH Tuition Payment Form for tuition payments to be withdrawn from your bank account on regularly scheduled dates.  This form will be included with your contract.

To access the Tuition Worksheet, please click on the following link:  Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition Worksheet  Once your calculations are complete, print the page and submit it with your current year tax returns.  We have noticed that those using the Edge browser experience difficulties.  Using Chrome or Google as your browser brings better results.

Tuition Payment Options

  1. 1 Annual tuition payment option:  Due September 1st.
  2. 3 payments option:  Due September 1st, January 1st, and May 1st.
  3. Monthly payment option:  10 month or 12 month option (you must be enrolled in ACH).

If you have any questions regarding the Fair Share Tuition Worksheet or the payment plans, please contact Brigid Lee, Manager of Business Operations at 509.546.2465.