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Alli Jacobs had never gardened before this summer. The Tri-Cities Prep senior’s foray into horticulture came with lessons in hindsight, particularly when it came to the organization and spacing of the 40-by-60-foot garden on the private Catholic school’s grounds in west Pasco. “We had to cut the tomato plants back so we could actually walk between the rows,” said Alli, 18, adding it took more than three hours to do the pruning. But considering she also convinced numerous fellow students to help her care for and harvest the garden throughout the summer, resulting in more than 1,000 pounds of fresh produce donated to a local food bank, Alli and others at Tri-Cities Prep consider the project a success. “I got to drop the produce off at the food bank sometimes and it was great to see how much was weighed in,” said senior Cesar Robles, 17. “Sometimes they were out […]
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