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We, the community of Tri-Cities Prep, have great hopes for the young women and men who graduate from our school. St. Ignatius of Loyola challenged us to instill in students the desire to lead and to serve others for the greater glory of God. We humbly take up that challenge. Inspired by the four hundred year old Ignatian tradition, we strive to prepare young people to be men and women for others. The document that follows is our guide. It helps us clarify our purpose and direct our actions.

We have identified five general categories to describe our ideal graduate:


Open to Growth

Tri-Cities Prep students at the time of graduation have matured emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and religiously to a level that reflects an intentional responsibility for their own growth. In the tradition of Ignatian high schools, the graduate is at least beginning to stretch the mind, imagination, feelings, and religious consciousness. Although still very much in the process of developing, already the graduate:

  • is developing responsibility for growth as a person
  • desires integrity, commitment and excellence in all facets of life
  • is conscious of feelings and can communicate them well
  • accepts the consequences of his/her actions without blaming others
  • is open to a variety of aesthetic experiences and continues to develop his/her imagination and creativity
  • is becoming more flexible and open to other points of view; recognizes how much can be learned from careful listening to others
  • is developing a habit of reflection on one’s own experiences in the areas of academics, religion, co-curricular activities and social relationships
  • is not afraid to seek new growth experiences which may involve some risk and thereby the possibility of success or failure
  • is exploring career and lifestyle choices within a framework based on virtue
  • is becoming more informed and responsible in considering issues
  • recognizes a responsibility to care for body, mind and soul in order to maintain good health
  • has begun to handle criticism as a tool for personal growth and knows how to criticize constructively
  • is learning how to accept both talents and limitations of self and others

Intellectually Competent

By graduation the Tri-Cities Prep student will exhibit a mastery of the fundamentals of the academic requirements for higher education. While these requirements are broken down into departmental areas, the student will have developed many intellectual skills and understandings, which cut across and go beyond academic requirements for college entrance. The student, moreover, is beginning to see the need for intellectual integrity, particularly the need to integrate the spiritual values of the school with all aspects of life. By graduation the student already:

Academic Requirements

  • has mastered the fundamental skills of language
  • has mastered the fundamental skills of mathematics
  • can read and summarize material at a beginning college freshman level
  • has mastered the fundamentals of those academic subjects required for graduation from Tri-Cities Prep and for entrance into college

General Skills and Attitudes

  • is developing mastery of logical skills and critical thinking
  • is developing greater precision and personal style in thought as well as in written, oral and artistic expression
  • is developing a curiosity to explore ideas and issues
  • is developing the ability to apply knowledge and skills to new situations and can adjust to a variety of learning formats
  • is developing an organized approach to learning tasks
  • can present a convincing argument in written and oral form
  • takes pride and ownership in one’s school accomplishments
  • is beginning to enjoy intellectual and aesthetic pursuits
  • is honest and understands the importance of integrity
  • is beginning to recognize that the spiritual values learned in the school need to be incorporated into all endeavors
  • can generate creative options for problem solving and integrates these into decision-making
  • is beginning to realize that a logical goal of educational experiences at Tri-Cities Prep is service to others
  • has developed personal talents and shared them with the school community and larger community

Substantive Knowledge

  • has begun to develop a general knowledge of central ideas and methods used in a variety of academic disciplines
  • has begun to relate current issues and perspectives to historical antecedents
  • is growing in appreciation of one’s cultural heritage
  • has begun to understand some of the public policy implications of the uses of science, technology and capital
  • is beginning to understand one’s privileges as a citizen of the United States and is developing responsibility regarding public policy decisions
  • has begun to recognize the important balance between rights and responsibilities and has begun to recognize that the choices and decisions one makes have consequences and implications for themselves and the world
  • has begun to develop a collection of images of the human person in all academic disciplines, which is shaping in him or her a more compassionate and hopeful appreciation of the human community


By graduation the Tri-Cities Prep student will have a basic knowledge of the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church and their development. The graduate will also have examined personal religious feelings and beliefs in order to establish a relationship with God and a religious tradition and/or community. More specifically the graduate:

  • is developing an understanding and acceptance of the central role of God in human life
  • has had opportunities for some personal experience of God, in private prayer, while on retreat, in liturgical prayer or in some other experience
  • is learning how to communicate with God
  • has studied the Gospels and encountered the person of Jesus Christ as He is presented in the Bible
  • has acquired a basic understanding of the Church’s teachings about Jesus Christ, his redemptive mission and the embodiment of that mission in Church and sacrament
  • has knowledge and appreciation of world religions and other sacred traditions
  • is beginning to take more responsibility for exploring, developing and validating personal faith
  • is beginning to form a Christian conscience, evaluate moral choices and can reason through moral issues with increasing clarity
  • has begun to appreciate how a vibrant Christian community and the celebration of the Eucharist complement each other
  • is learning through one’s own failures the need for healing and reconciliation
  • is beginning to understand the relationship between faith in Jesus and being “men and women for others”


The graduate is also on the threshold of being able to move beyond self-interest and self-centeredness in relationships with God and other people. The student is beginning to risk deeper involvement in relationships by disclosing him/herself, accepting the mystery of another person, and cherishing that person. Nonetheless, the graduate’s attempts at loving, while clearly beyond childhood, may not yet reflect the confidence and freedom of a fully mature person. More specifically, the Tri-Cities Prep graduate:

  • has had opportunities to experience God’s love
  • is learning to trust the fidelity of family, of some friends and of some adults in the school community
  • is growing in acceptance of self as lovable and coming to understand that he/she is loved by God and others
  • has begun to overcome personal prejudices and stereotypes and to communicate more easily with others who are different
  • is beginning to recognize the inherent goodness of others and the unity of all people as created and loved by God
  • has experienced the support of and has been a participating member of the school community
  • has begun to appreciate deeper personal friendships but is also learning that not all relationships are long lasting
  • has begun to form a basic attitude of solidarity with the poor and has developed awareness of and empathy for the poor
  • understands the need to alleviate the suffering and indignity of the poor
  • is more sensitive to the beauty of the created universe and is more caring about life and the natural environment

Committed to Doing Justice

The Tri-Cities Prep student at graduation is preparing to take a place in the local and wider community as a competent, concerned and responsible member. The graduate has begun to acquire the skills and motivation to live as a person for others. Although this attribute matures with age, some of these behaviors will have begun to develop earlier. By graduation the Tri-Cities Prep student:

Awareness and Consciousness

  • is beginning to see that Christian faith calls for a commitment to justice in one’s personal life and throughout the world
  • is growing in an awareness of the global nature of many current social problems and their impact on various human communities
  • understands the injustices found in structural roots of some social institutions, attitudes and customs
  • is developing a sense of compassion for the victims of injustice
  • through reflection and study, is becoming aware of alternatives in public policy which impact social justice
  • is beginning to understand the complexity of many social issues and the need for critical analysis from diverse sources
  • consciously affirms the sanctity of human life
  • has begun to realize that values of our contemporary world are often in conflict with Gospel values and a just society

Commitment to Action

  • is consciously seeking to be more just, respectful, understanding, accepting and generous with others
  • is committed to social changes which will assist in establishing justice and increased human dignity
  • is committed to building a harmonious community that respects the diversity of that community
  • recognizes the needs of the disadvantaged segments of the community through working with some of them and has gained some empathetic understanding of their living conditions
  • has taken action to alleviate the suffering and indignity of the poor


  • considers service potential and opportunities for social justice within career choices
  • has experienced serving the needs of others