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Lessons Learned at Broetje Orchard

The Class of 2018 went on a field to Broetje Orchards last week and came home with more knowledge than just how to process apples.

Our students quickly learned that Broetje Orchards is not your typical orchard.  As their website suggests, it is a community of people that are all connected by a common mission ‘bearing fruit that will last’.

One common observation was how well they appreciate and respect their employees and community members.  “They even treat the apples with care, like they treat the people.”

“Everyone is taken care of.  They started the orchard for the good of the people.”

“They treat all of their workers with dignity and respect, people who may be marginalized or taken advantage of in today’s society.”

The students began talking about the boarding school and how cool the kids were.  How most of the kids looked just like them but once they opened up and started sharing how they got there, they realized how  fortunate they are.

“The boys at Jubilee were so friendly and seemed just like us, but they had been through some traumatic experiences in their life.  It taught us to never judge anyone because we never know what a person might be going through.”

Thank you to teacher Matt Potter for organizing the field trip and exposing Prep seniors to an extraordinary company that is using its business to make a difference and serve others.