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Prep takes 1st Place in WA State Eastern Regional Science Olympiad Tournament

The seventeen member Tri-Cities Prep Science Olympiad team took first place on Saturday at the Washington State Eastern Regional Science Olympiad Tournament.  Team members include:  Sarah Carlson, Mary Jane Coffey, Kenny Ireland, Chandler Jenkins, McCall Lovejoy, McKenna Lovejoy, Jacob Meeuwsen, TJ Mercer, Lily Mortensen, Jason Mosqueda, Jordan Myer, Angelina Nacke, Joseph Paoli, James Sall, Christian Shink, Michael Sun, and Colin Sweeney.  All team members received at least one first place medal with one student receiving four.  All team members medaled in more than one event.

The team is coached by volunteers:  Jan Hylden, Gregg Lumetta, Michelle Lumetta, and Frannie Smith and assisted by Tri-Cities Prep graduate, Nick Lumetta ’12.

Science Olympiad is one of the premier science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to teams in all fifty states.  Science Olympiad consists of changing events in all STEM disciplines with the goal of enriching the classroom experience while exposing students to career opportunities in STEM areas.  For the high school competition, students are tested at introductory college AP levels.

This year students competed in the following twenty-four areas:

Biology/Chemistry:  Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry Lab, Disease Detectives (Epidemiology), Ecology, Forensics, Invasive Species, and Microbe Mission.

Physics/Earth Sciences:  Astronomy, Dynamic Planet, Hydrogeology, Material Science, Optics, Remote Sensing (Satellites), Rocks and Minerals, and Wind Power.

Engineering/CS:  Electric Vehicle, Game On, Helicopters, Hovercraft, LEAF Challenge, Robot Arm, and Towers.

General Science Practices:  Experimental Design, and Write It, Do It.

The dedication of the team and the coaches were evident in the results.  Congratulations!