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Tuition Assistance

Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition

In 2017 the Board of Directors met to create a fair and equitable system for our families who are unable to meet full tuition.  We call this system Fair Share Tuition.

The basic concepts of Fair Share Tuition are as follows:

  • Full tuition for the 2022-2023 school year is $10,600.
  • Reduced tuition is based on a family’s usable income as calculated by the Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition Estimation Worksheet.
  • The Tri-Cities Prep Fair Share Tuition Estimation Worksheet will be posted on the website, accessible to all who are interested.
  • The worksheet asks for 1040 income + non-taxable income, family size, and partner school tuition.
  • The worksheet will calculate an estimate of the family’s total tuition which includes registration and student life fees, and monthly payments.

Tuition at Tri-Cities Prep is separated into 2 sections:

Section 1:  Full tuition is $10,600.00 (2022-2023).    Additional documentation is not required.

Section 2:   All Families wishing to apply for tuition assistance are asked to fill out the FACTS application.  Access this link which will direct you to the FACTS application

**All families receiving a Fair Share Tuition rate are required to complete the following FACTS application and apply for the Nazareth Guild, and if applicable, the Central Washington Catholic Foundation Grant. 

These foundations have their own set of questions and requirements separate from Tri-Cities Prep.  The deadline for submission is April 1, 2022. If you are applying after this date, please contact the office at 509.546.2465 and ask for Lisa Jacobs.  It is not too late to apply for tuition assistance.

In order to be considered for financial assistance the FACTS application must be completed.  This application contains information utilized by Tri-Cities Prep, The Nazareth Guild and The Central Washington Catholic Foundation for assessing the need for financial assistance.  As an institution we rely on the generosity of The Nazareth Guild and The Central Washington Catholic Foundation for their financial support.